CRAFT by Brewery Igniter® and Brewery Igniter® Miramar are Now Open

Located in the heart of North Park’s craft beer scene at 3052 El Cajon Boulevard, CRAFT by Brewery Igniter is home to three exciting brewers. J & L Eppig Brewing features a modern take on a historic family brewing tradition. Pariah Brewing Company is the creation of experienced local brewmaster Brian Mitchell. And San Diego Brewing Company has been a Mission Valley brewer since 1993 and is expanding production. The brewers at CRAFT opened their doors one-by-one, with Eppig kicking things off in late 2016, San Diego Brewing Company in January 2017, and Pariah following closely behind. Capitalizing on the neighborhood’s appeal as a craft beer destination, each suite at CRAFT comes with:

  • Approximately 2,000 square feet of space
  • 10-barrel brew house
  • Tap room and
  • Everything else needed to successfully launch a craft brewing business.


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Pure Project and Amplified Ale Works get Hopping at Brewery Igniter Miramar

Brewery Igniter’s first two turnkey brewing facilities (located at 9030 Kenamar Drive, Suites 309 & 308) are now launching pads for Pure Project Brewing and Amplified Ale Works.

Pure Project opened January 2016, less than six months after signing its lease. The founders of Pure Project believe every beer should tell a story, just like a world class meal, a perfect cup of coffee or a timeless wine. They aim to bring that same level of passion, creativity and artistry to the ever evolving craft beer community.

Amplified, which still has its original location in Pacific Beach, turned to Brewery Igniter to solve its capacity issue and opened its new tasting room in May 2016. (Although having such high demand for your product that you can’t meet demand is a good problem to have, it’s still a problem.) By quickly, safely and cost effectively adding 2,000 barrels of beer per year in capacity, Amplified is keeping their momentum going.


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You’ve got the vision. You’ve got the skill.

Brewery Igniter isn’t an incubator. It’s a serious facility designed for serious beer artisans who know how to brew and have the vision to launch a brewery business. Benefits member brewers can enjoy include:

  • All of the equipment and space needed to launch a microbrewery, reducing startup cost and risk and expediting the path to profitability.
  • Short, flexible lease terms
  • The option to pay initial bills by selling product at onsite tasting rooms. In addition to a full brew house, all Brewery Igniter units come with a tasting room, bar, and plenty of space for thirsty customers.
  • Quick-start brewing – as soon as brewers have their ABC license, they can begin crafting
  • The ability to sell products in as little as two months. In a traditional startup setting, it would take at least nine months and $500,000 to lease a space, purchase and install equipment and obtain all licenses before selling a single pint.
  • Brewery Igniter buzz in the community
  • Multiple locations
    • Miramar
    • North Park
    • North County (2017)

The Origins of Brewery Igniter

Launching a new microbrewery is expensive and involves a level of risk some investors shy away from. Combine that with long waits for a liquor license and equipment installations, and the pressure on new brewers is undeniable. H.G. Fenton Company thought that there ought to be an easier way…

H.G. Fenton saw the intense financial pressure that small and new brewers were facing and developed Brewery Igniter as the solution. A series of turnkey brewing facilities, each Brewery Igniter space features state of the art, fully functional brewing systems and tasting rooms that entrepreneur brewers can use to reduce their upfront capital investment and get their beers on the market and into glasses sooner. Through Brewery Igniter’s lower risk model, passionate brewers are better positioned to turn their dreams into reality.

H.G. Fenton Company’s Connection to the Craft
In Craft We Trust

Rooted in the craft beer capital of San Diego, Calif., H.G. Fenton Company has a solid understanding of the brewing industry and the issues facing brewing entrepreneurs. In addition to leasing space to many of San Diego’s most prominent brewers, a number of startup operations have turned to H.G. Fenton for business space. H.G. Fenton is where San Diego business starts, and with our hometown lauded as one of the strongest markets for microbreweries in the country, we’re proud to offer brewers an innovative solution that supports the industry’s continued expansion and growth of San Diego business.