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The old adages about the business world, “It’s a dog eat dog world” or “It’s not personal its business” is transforming into “Let’s help each other be successful”. Successful businesses are coming together to work toward a common goal and helping each other.

An example of this is H.G. Fenton Company, a real estate development and property management company in San Diego. Starting a new microbrewery is costly and involves many levels of risk. The barriers to entry can be substantial.

Some call it an igniter and some call it an incubator. Webster’s Dictionary defines an incubator as “an organization or place that aids the development of new business ventures especially by providing low-cost commercial space, management assistance, or shared services”. While the Brewery Igniter model doesn’t include all of the features of an incubator, its focus on cutting down start-up time and costs makes it an ideal business environment for small scale brewers who don’t have a lot of kindling on-hand.

According to their website, “H.G. Fenton saw the intense financial pressure that small and new brewers were facing and developed Brewery Igniter® as the solution. A series of turnkey brewing facilities, each Brewery Igniter space features state of the art, fully functional brewing systems and tasting rooms that entrepreneur brewers can use to reduce their upfront capital investment and get their beers on the market and into glasses sooner. Through Brewery Igniter’s lower risk model, passionate brewers are better positioned to follow their dream and contribute to the vibrant craft beer community in San Diego. Brewery Igniter® has been proven to be successful for new breweries to launch or established craft beer brands to expand capacity or try new concepts.”

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