Eco-Friendly Initiative

Developing new programs and communities to support sustainability is our way of contributing to the wellbeing of our environment and keeping our future bright and sunny.



A high Eco IQ

The innovative minds at H.G. Fenton Company formed the Eco IQ Team to promote energy-efficient technologies and earth-friendly practices. Since Eco IQ was started, we have made a difference by:

  • Using environmentally-friendly building materials and practices
  • Installing drought-tolerant landscape and “smart” irrigation systems
  • Upgrading our commercial properties with energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panel installation at our corporate office (powering 90% of energy used in the building)
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panel installation at 17 of our residential communities and 1 commercial property, with plans to add more
  • Replacing the use of bottled water at our corporate office with filtered water dispensers
  • Adding Electric Vehicle charging stations at 17 of our residential communities



Solterra: San Diego’s first 100% solar community

Our Solterra Ecoluxury Apartments were designed to generate enough kWh from their solar panels so the sun could provide residents all of their electricity…for free! Nest thermostats and in-home displays were installed in each apartment to help residents keep track of energy usage and learn to be more efficient.

Solterra was the first of its kind, and inspired us to repeat this innovation at Aquatera Apartments! Residents of both Solterra and Aquatera enjoy resort style living and the benefits of solar panels that generate enough electricity to power all common areas and apartment homes.

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Utilizing the sun, helping customers

17 of our residential communities use solar power to limit reliance on traditional energy sources. From heating pools to supplying electricity to common areas, you can feel good knowing that your community cares about the planet and residents When you rent an H.G. Fenton apartment, you’re not just living – you’re EcoLiving.